Christian Fahrner

For sport’s lovers, Christian is the person to meet. He is the owner of the famous Form Fitness center at the top of Lurin. You work out looking at the ocean and time just flies. One of the highlights is to have him as a personal trainer but be ready to feel your muscles in action.

His passion however is running, so this is why he is going to give us some tips about it:

  1. Prior to your daily running, stop at one of the markets and buy Tom’s Juice, ginger flavor or a fresh lemon, ginger and honey juice. It is perfect before you run.
  2. The Grand Fond beach is ideal for a morning run.
  3. At midday, the sun is too strong at the entire island so it is the perfect time to head to the treadmill at the gym, the speakers talking loud.
  4. And to the early evening run, the St. Jean stadium aka Roman Abramovich stadium because it was the Russian who donated it to the island, so it fits perfectly
  5. Download Le Ti St Barth songs to run St. Barth style.

Contact Christian:

E-mail: sam@formfitness-stbarth.com