Rodolphe Mackeene

The kitesurf champion Rodolphe MacKeene travels the world searching the perfect wind and he chose St. Barth to stablish his company, Rodstuffs that offers the best watersports accessories and equipments and stand up paddleboards for yoga or for three people - yes, you read it right, three people!

Have fun with Rodolphe tips:

  1. For water sports enthusiasts, the best hotels are Le Sereno and Eden Rock. Both are astonishing for those who practice stand up paddle, wakeboard or kitesurf.
  2. If you come by yacht, request the yacht toys such as the water trampoline or the giant stand up paddle.
  3. The private water park is the year’s prominence: imagine a big lounge with a water amusement park created just for you and your friends; watch a video about it here.
  4. If you love kitesurf and want to have professional lessons to learn new tricks or to get isolated waves, let me take you to one of the most incredible places in the island for super nice training.
  5. From underwater fishing to diving, ST. Barth has surprising waters for the deep blue lovers.

Contact Rodolphe:

E-mail: info@rodstuffs.com

Instagram: @rodstuffs