Melanie Smith

If there is a person who helped transforming the island in a perfect and sophisticated wedding synonym, this person is Melanie Smith. The American moved to St. Barth 25 years ago and soon became the first St. Barth wedding planner. The Bucket Regatta, today known as one of the most exclusive superyachts’ regatas in the world. This event, combined with the planning of many extraordinary weddings and events that even includes super famous popstars concerts defined this paradise’s fame.

Years passed by and today, together with Natalie Magnen, her partner at Epic Presentation the island has a surreal weddings and events portfolio. For those who are interested in this subject, Melanie has some tips:

  1. Today, couples can marry legally in the island.
  2. The ceremony in the picturesque Anglican Church, located at the port is always beautiful and full of joy!
  3. Cheval Blanc, Eden Rock, Le Sereno, Taiwana and Le Toiny hotels are perfect for an impressive beach wedding.
  4. Our partner Djordje Varda elected the best floral designer from Europe always hits the nail on the head
  5. It does not matter if you chose Francisco Costa, Valentino or Oscar de la Renta, Tradewind Airlines has a wedding dresses transportation service that is extremely useful. 

Contact Melanie:

E-mail: melanie.smith@epicpresentations.com

Instagram @epicpresentations