Elodie Blanchard

One of the prettiest French women from the island, Elodie is responsible for the Public Relations of the luxurious Cheval Blanc hotel. Synonym of good taste and elegance, Elodie knows everything around here.

She tells us what her favorite stores are:

  1. You cannot miss The Clic Gallery in Gustavia. It reunites books and works signed the different generation’s talents such as the young Victor Demarchelier, son of Patrick and the veteran Gian Paolo Barbieri, who wrote stories to Vogue Italy in the sixties.
  2. Stop by the island’s tourism office located at Gustavia and buy a straw wallet, handmade by the Corrosol neighborhood residents.
  3. To remember the island for weeks, be sure to buy the St. Barth Monopoly game available in the Marche U supermarket in front of the airport.
  4. The drugstores in St. Barth are just divine. Make a long stop at the St. Jean’s and have fun with the good selections of Vichy, Lancôme and Iluxe ST Barth products or pick one of the Bach Florals! 
  5. Next to the St. Jean pharmacy, the Couleurs Provence store is one of those you will fall in love with. A pretty selection of spoils and French objects to decorate your home. 

Contact Elodie:

E-mail: info.stbarth@chevalblanc.com

Instagram: @chevalblancstbarth