Donna Cohen

The designer Donna, known as Donna Del Sol has established on the island in 1994, and since then she has been a reference of good taste in St.Barth. She is one of the coolest people on the island and gives us some jewelry tips:

1. My new jewelry collection is available at Cheval Blanc Boutique showcase.
2. It is easy to see that all of us use a little map of the island in the neck. Nathalie Gums was the creator of this piece, in different colors with and without diamonds. Her store, N G Creations, is a must!
3. Fabienne Miot has made a pearl jewelry collection which is a masterpiece. Her pieces are almost all handmade.
4. The brand Bijoux de la Mer has created the fabulous pieces made of leather and pearls that we locals wear, whether they are bracelets, rings or necklaces.
5. The association Les Artisans has made unique pieces for men and women in silver and gold. Its jewels are created with beautiful semi-precious gemstones, many of them unique.