Fabrice Moizan

Always impeccable, Fabrice is the smiling face that warmly receives the clients, the guests and friends of the legendary Eden Rock – St. Barth. Artists and lovers of the fine art always felt attracted by the creativity and magic that this hotel irradiates. Having been partners with the prestigious Galeria Gagosian and organizing many prominent exhibitions throughout the year, Fabrice is in love with the subject and shares his opinion about arts in St. Barth:

  1. March and December are perfect months to go to a variety of art exhibitions that happen at the island and offer stunning opening receptions.
  2. The Eden Rock’s outdoors art gallery displays sculptures designed by the celebrated Laurence Jenkell and Richard Orlinski, among others.
  3. The renowned art specialist Philippe Combres and his Art St. Barth company organize plenty of exhibitions at the Eden Rock gallery with different artistic genders.
  4. Feel tempted to discover other art galleries walking around Gustavia.
  5. We are proud of the island’s local artists and this is the reason why we promote their magnificent works. Around 35 artists are part of the pop art events that happen every two months through the St. Barth’s Artists Association. 

Contact Fabrice: 

E-mail: info@edenrockhotel.com

Instagram: @er_stbarths