Carole Gruson

Known as the queen of the night, Carole is an eternal music lover. She travels the world and brings DJs and international concerts to St. Barth. The island is thankful!

The beauty owns the island’s trendiest restaurant Le Ti St. Barth and the First Class lounge. If you love music, check out Carole’s tips:

  1. For the classical music lovers, January is watered by jazz and blues with the St. Barth Music Festival.  Ten days of shows at different spots of the island.
  2. St. Barth Family Festival is a yearly festival that happens in August. Rock concerts intercalated with incredible international DJs attract the hip travelers. This year, the festival will happen from the 7th to 29th of August.
  3. Our next-door neighbor Anguilla island accommodates Bankie Banx, one of the biggest music stars, a mix of Bob Marley with Bob Dylan. Watching Bankie playing at his Dune Preserve bar must be in your wish list.
  4. Deliver yourself to the Le Ti St. Barth’s musical nights on Tuesdays and Wednesdays with cabaret shows.
  5. Get into the island’s music vibe - listen to my last selection

Contact Carole:

E-mail: info@caroleplaces.com