There is nothing better than the trendiest locals or St. Barth long-standing habitués to give the best tips of the island. Choose your interest and enjoy!



Christophe Marchesseau

Elected the best hand from France in 2011, Christophe who for years led the spas of the hotels Coste and Four Seasons George V has inaugurated his own spa in St. Barth, the By Christophe Marchesseau.

Since then, he is one of the treasures of the island and above all, a symbol of well-being.

Christophe shares with us his five well-being tips in the island:

  1. Visit the island during the St. Barth Week Summer Camp, a whole week in July focused in well-being with daily yoga lessons by the specialist Diana Bourel.
  2. Take a guided stroll by the natural pool with the triathlete Loic Lapeze.
  3. For relaxing in St. Barth, I suggest a Janzu session of water meditation with Greg – it will bring you profound peace.
  4. Take the Gyrotonic expansion session at the Spa By Christophe Marchesseau, aka “yoga for dancers” by the activity’s founder Juliu Horvath.
  5. Have an astrological consultation with Hubert Delamotte.

Contact Christophe:

E-mail: cmarchesseau@icloud.com



Idalmi Roy

The Puerto Rican ex-model is one of the gorgeous residents of the island and she has her own beauty square in Gustavia, a supercool nail bar that is a mandatory stop for the women. Idalmi also created eco-friendly nail enamel flasks with the St. Barth’s map.

Ida tells is the island’s beauty secrets:

  1. Start your stay with a stop at any of the three island’s drugstores and enjoy the French products collections.
  2. For La Mer products, go to the By Christophe Marchesseau SPA boutique in Gustavia.
  3. The unmissable view to Francoise Vandenberghe in the Tanagra space, an incredible aesthetics’ clinic working at St. Barth for more than 30 years.
  4. After sea bathing, prepare a hair moisturizing with pure sesame oil, it is magical.
  5. Combine your stay in the island with one of the colors of my new nail enamel collection.


Contact Idalmi:

E-mail:  idalmi6@me.com

Instagram: @idalmistbarth




Felipe Sandoval

The Colombian settled in the island years ago. Besides being super cool, Felipe is one of the directors of the trendy Taiwana hotel. Part of the month he is at the island, part he is traveling on business around the world. Massages have become something essential in each of his returns to St. Barth for a good after-flight relaxation. He has already tried all the hands and chose his favorites:

  1. Christophe Marchesseau - Elected the 2011 best hand in France, there is nothing similar!
  2. Or a Janzu session, a kind of massage mixed with meditation by the pool with Greg.
  3. For reiki, try Sebastian’s hands at the Spa Clarins at Le Guanahani.
  4. If you are in pain, experiment the chiropractic session with Thomas Philippon.

Contact Felipe:

E-mail: felipe@hoteltaiwana.com

Instagram: @hotel_taiwana




Christian Fahrner

For sport’s lovers, Christian is the person to meet. He is the owner of the famous Form Fitness center at the top of Lurin. You work out looking at the ocean and time just flies. One of the highlights is to have him as a personal trainer but be ready to feel your muscles in action.

His passion however is running, so this is why he is going to give us some tips about it:

  1. Prior to your daily running, stop at one of the markets and buy Tom’s Juice, ginger flavor or a fresh lemon, ginger and honey juice. It is perfect before you run.
  2. The Grand Fond beach is ideal for a morning run.
  3. At midday, the sun is too strong at the entire island so it is the perfect time to head to the treadmill at the gym, the speakers talking loud.
  4. And to the early evening run, the St. Jean stadium aka Roman Abramovich stadium because it was the Russian who donated it to the island, so it fits perfectly
  5. Download Le Ti St Barth songs to run St. Barth style.

Contact Christian:

E-mail: sam@formfitness-stbarth.com 



Rodolphe Mackeene

The kitesurf champion Rodolphe MacKeene travels the world searching the perfect wind and he chose St. Barth to stablish his company, Rodstuffs that offers the best watersports accessories and equipments and stand up paddleboards for yoga or for three people - yes, you read it right, three people!

Have fun with Rodolphe tips:

  1. For water sports enthusiasts, the best hotels are Le Sereno and Eden Rock. Both are astonishing for those who practice stand up paddle, wakeboard or kitesurf.
  2. If you come by yacht, request the yacht toys such as the water trampoline or the giant stand up paddle.
  3. The private water park is the year’s prominence: imagine a big lounge with a water amusement park created just for you and your friends; watch a video about it here.
  4. If you love kitesurf and want to have professional lessons to learn new tricks or to get isolated waves, let me take you to one of the most incredible places in the island for super nice training.
  5. From underwater fishing to diving, ST. Barth has surprising waters for the deep blue lovers.

Contact Rodolphe:

E-mail: info@rodstuffs.com

Instagram: @rodstuffs




Apollon Delamotte

Born in St. Barth, Apollon begun surfing when he was 10 at Lorient beach. The passion grew stronger and nowadays, the surfer travels the world searching for the perfect wave. However, it was at St. Barth that he broke every wave and he is going to tell us everything about the sport in the island:


  1. The best time of the year for surfing at St. Barth is from November to April.
  2. Christopher hotel is the best option for surfers. In front of the hotel there is a right point break.
  3. Another well located hotel for the sport is Le Toiny at Toiny, a beach attended only by surfers.
  4. At Gustavia, the The Loft villa has two rooms and a sixties surf-inspired décor, it is awesome!
  5. For surfing lessons, search for the teachers David Blanchard and Nathan Pages.

Contact Apollon:

E-mail: ibiza_422@hotmail.com 



Samy Ghachem

Samy is the coolest! Although he has been in the island only for two years, the American leading the fancy Le Sereno and its innovations knows the best things in life, so no one better than him for boating tips:

  1. Book your boat leaving from one of the Gustavia marinas and spend the morning at Colombier!
  2. At lunch time, follow to the Pinel island for its must-eat lobsters.
  3. A sunset on board with a rosé glass is unforgettable.
  4. Do not forget to order your chef on board some appetizers to taste while you are sailing.
  5. For a second day on board, try the neighbor waters of Anguilla

Contact Samy:

E-mail: info@lesereno.com

Instagram: @lesereno




Melanie Smith

If there is a person who helped transforming the island in a perfect and sophisticated wedding synonym, this person is Melanie Smith. The American moved to St. Barth 25 years ago and soon became the first St. Barth wedding planner. The Bucket Regatta, today known as one of the most exclusive superyachts’ regatas in the world. This event, combined with the planning of many extraordinary weddings and events that even includes super famous popstars concerts defined this paradise’s fame.

Years passed by and today, together with Natalie Magnen, her partner at Epic Presentation the island has a surreal weddings and events portfolio. For those who are interested in this subject, Melanie has some tips:

  1. Today, couples can marry legally in the island.
  2. The ceremony in the picturesque Anglican Church, located at the port is always beautiful and full of joy!
  3. Cheval Blanc, Eden Rock, Le Sereno, Taiwana and Le Toiny hotels are perfect for an impressive beach wedding.
  4. Our partner Djordje Varda elected the best floral designer from Europe always hits the nail on the head
  5. It does not matter if you chose Francisco Costa, Valentino or Oscar de la Renta, Tradewind Airlines has a wedding dresses transportation service that is extremely useful. 

Contact Melanie:

E-mail: melanie.smith@epicpresentations.com

Instagram @epicpresentations




Djordje Varda

Elected twice as the best flower designer in Europe, the designer known in St. Barths as Varda is also in love with the island. A long-time habitué, he became a citizen four years ago.

A flower designer is an eternal romantic, so no one better to give advices about your honeymoon in the island.

  1. The Eden Rock hotel is the most romantic for couples that search privacy and the best service.
  2. The Christopher Columbus suite at Eden Rock is a honeymoon must.
  3. A dinner at L’Isola is always romantic.
  4. Be ready for an extra ring because the Chopard collection is outstanding
  5. A boat ride for lunch at the Pinel island and a return in the end of the day to watch the sunset from the boat accompanied by a lot of rosé!

Contact Varda:

E-mail: djordje@varda.fr




Natalie Magnen

Natalie is one of the Epic Presentation’s partners and together with Melanie they make wonderful weddings. Above all, she is a supermom! The beautiful woman has cute boys and she tell us what to do with kids on the island.

  1. The Cheval Blanc receives your children with teddy bears and offers a whole menu with children's activities
  2. The Kids Concierge company will entertain your kids with classes that range from vegetable-garden to gastronomy!
  3. The yellow submarine leaving the Gustavia port is cute and the kids love it. It is an adventure for all the family!
  4. The Un Dimanche à La Mer store at St. Jean is not to be missed. They have old school educational toys that range from wooden puzzles to board games, among other incredible things!

Contact Natalie:

E-mail: natalie.magnem@epicpresentations.com

Instagram: @epicpresentations




Elodie Blanchard

One of the prettiest French women from the island, Elodie is responsible for the Public Relations of the luxurious Cheval Blanc hotel. Synonym of good taste and elegance, Elodie knows everything around here.

She tells us what her favorite stores are:

  1. You cannot miss The Clic Gallery in Gustavia. It reunites books and works signed the different generation’s talents such as the young Victor Demarchelier, son of Patrick and the veteran Gian Paolo Barbieri, who wrote stories to Vogue Italy in the sixties.
  2. Stop by the island’s tourism office located at Gustavia and buy a straw wallet, handmade by the Corrosol neighborhood residents.
  3. To remember the island for weeks, be sure to buy the St. Barth Monopoly game available in the Marche U supermarket in front of the airport.
  4. The drugstores in St. Barth are just divine. Make a long stop at the St. Jean’s and have fun with the good selections of Vichy, Lancôme and Iluxe ST Barth products or pick one of the Bach Florals! 
  5. Next to the St. Jean pharmacy, the Couleurs Provence store is one of those you will fall in love with. A pretty selection of spoils and French objects to decorate your home. 

Contact Elodie:

E-mail: info.stbarth@chevalblanc.com

Instagram: @chevalblancstbarth



Anne Dentel

Lovingly called the “Queen of the Villas”, Anne is the president of the Hotels and Villas Association of the island and the manager of the Eden Rock villas agency. Definitely someone to get to know while there. Anne is always elegant with the loyal company her little puppy Cachou.

She loves fashion and shares her secrets with tips on the chic island’s style:

  1. Hug the unmatchable island’s style and discover the new Lolita Jaca collection at her boutique in Gustavia, with navy pieces and an abundance of vintage prints.
  2. The Vanita Rosa smocks in Gustavia are iconic and a must-have; just pick your color and favorite lengths and shine!
  3. Another fashion highlight also from Gustavia is the Calypso St. Barth. Pick yours among all the lovely pieces and hip accessories.
  4. Carla Saint Barth at Carré D'Or has the most modern Italian shoes collection, from Aquazzura to Gianvito Rossi and many other designers from the dolce vita land

And of course, the Eden Being Boutique is a true paradise for any fashionista like myself. Located at the Eden Rock hotel, it has a broad variety of the world’s best stylists and ateliers. The team is very attentive and can help you choose from local fashion novelties to the Rolex watches collection buy Bamford.

Contact Anne: 

E-mail: info@edenrockvillarental.com

Instagram: @er_stbarths



Donna Cohen

The designer Donna, known as Donna Del Sol has established on the island in 1994, and since then she has been a reference of good taste in St.Barth. She is one of the coolest people on the island and gives us some jewelry tips:

1. My new jewelry collection is available at Cheval Blanc Boutique showcase.
2. It is easy to see that all of us use a little map of the island in the neck. Nathalie Gums was the creator of this piece, in different colors with and without diamonds. Her store, N G Creations, is a must!
3. Fabienne Miot has made a pearl jewelry collection which is a masterpiece. Her pieces are almost all handmade.
4. The brand Bijoux de la Mer has created the fabulous pieces made of leather and pearls that we locals wear, whether they are bracelets, rings or necklaces.
5. The association Les Artisans has made unique pieces for men and women in silver and gold. Its jewels are created with beautiful semi-precious gemstones, many of them unique.



Fabrizio Bianconi

The island’s gastronomy is thankful to the amazing Italian that brought the most sophisticated from Italy to St. Barth and put the island in a super high quality standard. Besides the L’Isola, critically acclaimed as one of the world’s best restaurants Fabrizio still has the L’Isoletta also in St. Barth and the Via Veneto, in Santa Monica, California. It is between these two places that Bianconi divides the year, thus he knows well the best we have.

Among the male universe, he indicates:

  1. A La Cave du Port Franc wine cellar tour, which is at the beginning of Gustavia. Besides the best wine labels - Petrus, Lafite, Romanee Conti and Gaja, just to name a few the whisky selection grew a lot in the recent months.
  2. A pause at La Casa Del Habano in St. Jean to intercalate a Cohiba Behike 54 with a cognac and a good chat with the friendly owner, Sandrine.
  3. If you like rum, head to the La Gloriette restaurant in Grand Cul de Sac. Ask the waiter to show you the rum store they have at the back of the restaurant.
  4. The Vilebrequin store in Gustavia or in the Taiwana hotel is a must stop upon arrival to the island for short’s shopping, but I still prefer the brand’s linen shirts
  5. Eden Rock’s hotel’s store is worth a visit to get to know their Rolex collection.

Contact Fabrizio: 

E-mail: info@lisolastbarth.com 



Fabrice Moizan

Always impeccable, Fabrice is the smiling face that warmly receives the clients, the guests and friends of the legendary Eden Rock – St. Barth. Artists and lovers of the fine art always felt attracted by the creativity and magic that this hotel irradiates. Having been partners with the prestigious Galeria Gagosian and organizing many prominent exhibitions throughout the year, Fabrice is in love with the subject and shares his opinion about arts in St. Barth:

  1. March and December are perfect months to go to a variety of art exhibitions that happen at the island and offer stunning opening receptions.
  2. The Eden Rock’s outdoors art gallery displays sculptures designed by the celebrated Laurence Jenkell and Richard Orlinski, among others.
  3. The renowned art specialist Philippe Combres and his Art St. Barth company organize plenty of exhibitions at the Eden Rock gallery with different artistic genders.
  4. Feel tempted to discover other art galleries walking around Gustavia.
  5. We are proud of the island’s local artists and this is the reason why we promote their magnificent works. Around 35 artists are part of the pop art events that happen every two months through the St. Barth’s Artists Association. 

Contact Fabrice: 

E-mail: info@edenrockhotel.com

Instagram: @er_stbarths




Carole Gruson

Known as the queen of the night, Carole is an eternal music lover. She travels the world and brings DJs and international concerts to St. Barth. The island is thankful!

The beauty owns the island’s trendiest restaurant Le Ti St. Barth and the First Class lounge. If you love music, check out Carole’s tips:

  1. For the classical music lovers, January is watered by jazz and blues with the St. Barth Music Festival.  Ten days of shows at different spots of the island.
  2. St. Barth Family Festival is a yearly festival that happens in August. Rock concerts intercalated with incredible international DJs attract the hip travelers. This year, the festival will happen from the 7th to 29th of August.
  3. Our next-door neighbor Anguilla island accommodates Bankie Banx, one of the biggest music stars, a mix of Bob Marley with Bob Dylan. Watching Bankie playing at his Dune Preserve bar must be in your wish list.
  4. Deliver yourself to the Le Ti St. Barth’s musical nights on Tuesdays and Wednesdays with cabaret shows.
  5. Get into the island’s music vibe - listen to my last selection

Contact Carole:

E-mail: info@caroleplaces.com



Laurent Georges

The life in the island is full of wine. Be it white, to go with the fish at lunch at the beach or rosé, to salute the late afternoon at the pool or red, to go with the delicious dinner.

Laurent is partners with La Cave du Port, an unmissable wine cellar that offers a diversified selection of more than 200 thousand bottles of wine, Italian and French.

Get ready to make multiple visits to the wine cellar, but Laurent already advances his tips on the subject:

  1. Get in the island’s mood as soon as you arrive. Go to the Christopher hotel to watch the sunset from the perfect pool. Order a glass of Sancerre Blanc, a wine that is part of the hotel’s selection and salute!
  2. Savor a Brunello Di Montalcino that you can find in the L'Isola menu. Red, intense, this wine has very expressive fruit and herbs aromas. In the mouth, it manifests its ripe tannins integrated to its rich structure.
  3. Mouton Rothschild is particularly famous for its labels that every year a different artist develops. You can find this great Bordeaux wine at most of the island’s establishments.
  4. Here at the wine cellar, among thousands of labels, I have a thing for the Cuvée Symphonie. The constant search for excellence is part of this terroir, an exceptional option. The palate thanks such complexity and minerality.
  5. My favorite wine is from the late discoveries, the La Coulée de Serrant, probably one of the best white wines in the world. 

Contato Laurent: laurent@lacaveduportfranc.com