St. Barth has its own peculiarities. Besides the divine landscapes in every corner of the Caribbean island, its way of hosting differs from any other in the world. Here your stay is full of luxury, sophistication and privacy through the villa’s concept.

Villas are houses that unite the VIP services the big hotels provide to the privacy of your home. Charming villas and fascinating mansions are part of the wide arsenal available for you to choose. Seashore houses or houses placed at the top of volcanic hills viewing the beautiful Caribbean Sea or the Atlantic immensity are available for you to rest with your family or party with friends.

In between the options that St. Barth has to offer, we chose few agencies to locate the villas, the best ones in the island for you to enjoy all that a bon vivant deserves. With a variety of style and unforgettable treats, follow some of our options bellow. 

  • Villas de Môh
  • Terre de St Barth
  • Wimco Villas
  • Eden Rock St Barths


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    St Barth Villa Chef

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    Chef Sibum SBH

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